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Our goal at Creations-N-Motion is to connect our customers with the best professionals for their needs. Because we understand that time and change inevitably touches everything that exists, we will keep our creative flow "N Motion".

We have an ongoing search for the best in the industry, who believe in providing excellence to the customer. Our main objective is to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Taking pride in every service that is rendered, we strive for excellence. In time, change will take place and we at Creations-N-Motion will set the standard.

Because time and change keep evolving, so will we; keeping us Creations-N-Motion, "Where creative ideas never stand still.........."


About Creations N Motion

Founded in 1988, Creations-N-Motion is the brain child of the multitalented owner, Lana Domingo. Ms. Domingo gave life to this corporation in 2006. Creations-N-Motion, Inc. is a multilevel business venture in the area of
networking, incorporating style, training, client referral and beauty sources under one umbrella.

Entrepreneurs welcome to your future!!! The future of networking is evolving. Are you ready? Join Us!

Creations-N-Motion is setting the standard in pro-fessionalism by incorporating the best in the industry (artists of all kinds ) and providing them to the client in a one-stop shop.

Who are we looking for????

  • Individuals with tenacity and creative ability.
  • Those with the desire to see their vision become reality.
  • Entrepreneurs that are confident in who they are and what they have to offer.
  • Professionals that are willing to expand by networking with others and believe in excelling in excellence.

We hold the elite, the crème de la crème of the industry that you won't find anywhere else!

Join the B.E.S.T.
  Beautiful Entrepreneurs Sharing Talents

Experience Creation that's in Motion. Where we make sure your creative ideas never stand still

Our vision at Creations-N-Motion is to see creation at it's best, bringing creation together and being the vessel that is used to execute creative ideas, thrusting creation into motion.

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